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This 4-day Instructor Led course This class is an in-depth look at SQL Azure, the database cloud offering in Windows Azure. Learn the basics around server and database provisioning, valid Azure TSQL, and how security is implemented and managed. Advanced topics include partitioning with sharding, database design optimization, backup and synchronization via Synchronization Framework and Azure Data Sync and migrating various database scenarios to SQL Azure.

Al terminar el curso

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Learn to design high performance cloud based data storage solutions using SQL Azure. Topics include security, programming, maintaining, optimizing, migrating and synchronizing with SQL Azure. SQL Azure Reporting is also explored.

Requisitos previos

Before attending this course, students must have:

* Understanding of basic SQL concepts (TSQL and tables)


IT Pros that want to learn to maintain SQL Azure databases and architects that want to learn to leverage SQL Azure in their applications.


Módulo 1 Overview

A simple introduction module.


Módulo 2 Introduction to SQL Azure

In this module we will explore what SQL Azure is, it's architecture, ways that you can use it in your applications and most importantly how much it costs!


  • Introduction to SQL Azure

Módulo 3 SQL Azure RDBMS Support

In this module we take a look at supported Azure T-SQL including creating tables, columns and indexes. We will also explore how to work with temp tables and transactions.


  • RDBMS Support

Módulo 4 SQL Azure Security

In this module we take a look at the lessons of the module!


  • SQL Azure Security

Módulo 5 Programming SQL Azure

In this module we take a look at the various ways to access SQL Azure, some of the tools that make working with SQL Azure easier (Entity Framework and LINQ), and an advanced coverage of Sharding.


  • Programming SQL Azure
  • Accessing SQL Azure

Módulo 6 Maintaining and Optimizing SQL Azure

In this module we take a look at how to maintain SQL Azure databases, how to optimize databases and how to troubleshoot connectivity problems (DoS and Throttling).


  • Optimizing
  • Maintaining
  • Troubleshooting

Módulo 7 Migrating and Synchronizing to SQL Azure

In this module we take a look at how to migrate your databases to SQL Azure and how you can use Microsoft Synchronization Framework and Azure Data Sync to synchronize your Azure databases with on-premise databases.


  • Synchronizing to SQL Azure
  • Migrating to SQL Azure

Módulo 8 Business Intelligence with SQL Azure

In this module we take a look at SQL Azure Reporting Services and how to use PowerPivot to connect Excel 2010 to SQL Azure data.


  • PowerPivot and SQL Azure
  • SQL Azure Reporting

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